The Kashka's

Our family web site

Welcome !!!

Welcome to our part of the world. We will use this web site to keep our family and friends up to day on our going on's, keep track of where we have been and where we may be going.

If you know me you will know that I love to take picture.  I have many different photo albums on the web of pictures I have taken over time.  I have scanned some pic's from years past to post on the web including some of the pic's I took while I was i the US Navy sailing around the globe.

I also dabble in videographer.  I have shot hours of video including video's of church events and even made a DVD of our Alaska cruise.  I have created a YOUTUBE site and copied a few of my videos up there for other to view.

Enjoy your visit...


Blogging ???

I too have created a blog.  A blog is actually a "weB LOG" of information collected over time

Why you ask do I have a blog?  Just to learn about blogging and how to set it up.