Street Dancer

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  I love the grace and form of Ballet. I got the opportunity to shoot this young dancer who put up with my direction while I had very little knowledge of ballet or dance for that matter. I think we … Continue reading

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Whale Watching on the Oregon Coast

Alicia Watching WhalesOn our 22nd wedding anniversary, Alicia and I spent the day at the coast. At one point we pulled over at a Boiler Bay and spent some time whale watching. You have to be very patient whale watching on the Oregon coast, we spent about an hour and saw a couple whales.  Continue reading

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Evening at the Alberta Rose Theatre

We need to get out more often.  Thursday night Alicia and I went to the Alberta Rose Theatre to listen to some good Portland music.  Some friends were playing and that’s was drew us there that night.  I have known Sarah’s mom longer than I have known my wife of 20 some years.  We worked in the same group and I sat in the cubicle next to her and remember the telephone conversation she had with her high school daughter.  Tim is one of if not the best bass player in Portland.  A Kansas kid (I was born in Kansas) I only met Tim a few years ago when he move to Portland. My Uncle came to town to visit him and gave me a call and we all hooked up. 

Every now and then Tim plays with Sarah in venues around Portland and I try to get out to see them both.  They are great at what they do and I have enjoyed their music every time I have gone to see them play albeit only twice — once at Hamburger Mary’s on New Years eve (a whole another story) and now at the Rose Theatre.  We do need to get out more often.

There were three bands playing that night – Miss Michael Jodell,  A Simple Colony and Sarah King; and for $8 bucks it was very reasonable entertainment.  Below are some photo’s I took from the night.  I really didn’t have the right equipment and I was just trying to see what I could get with available light –  which was horrible. I set my camera at the highest ISO (3200) for all the shots making them very grainy which is why a lot of them I processed into black and white.  I opened the aperture to the widest I could with what lens I had on –  one at f2.8 and the other around f4 or f3 depending on how far in I zoomed. The lights were low so I shot mostly at a very slow shutter speed and hand holding it –  not the sharpest results.  But it was fun trying.

The night started out with Michael Jodell and her band.

Michael Jodell

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Nikole — Senior Pictures Class of 2012

Here are a few shots from a session I did with a senior high school student that lives down the street.  We spent some time in the late morning in the Pearl District by Tyson park and then headed up into the country by Haag Lake to complete the shoot with some back country type photos.


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Distinguished Young Woman of Oregon 2012

Alicia and I have known Bethany since she was born and now here she is in final’s of Distinguished Young Woman of Oregon 2012. It’s a scholarship program where the competition starts at the local level, then to the town, then cities, state and then the national competition. Bethany made it all the way to the state competition and all though she didn’t win we are all proud of her accomplishments to have made it this far. She did a great job this night playing a piano piece she wrote and doing a great job at all the other events.

Of course I brought my camera to try out some low light event shooting. We were seated about in the center of the auditorium at Chemeketa Community College in Salem. The lighting was really low so I bumped up the ISO really high – in 2000 to 3200 range and opened the aperture all the way – was shooting at f2.8 or on my 50mm at f1.4.  I tried to keep the shutter speed around 60 to 100 to reduce blur. With those setting and the light I got what one would expect – lots of grain and not much sharpness.

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