Matt’s Senior Photos

Long time friend from youth group asked if I would take his senior photos. I have known this young man since playing video games with him in his room while visiting with his parents and now he is a tackle on both sides of the Hillsboro football team and has the size to prove it. The day of the shoot the weather man messed up forecasting clouds and rain. We were fighting the sun most of the afternoon waiting for it to hide behind the clouds. We did get a couple of shots using the BLS (big light in the sky) as a hair light with some strobes for fill and main. We shot at two locations; the first was at Rood Bridge Park which is a great location with stone bridges, a lake, small creeks and large grassy areas. After that we went to a family friend’s farm and did a few shots around an old barn or shed.

To see all the shots from that day, at least the better ones CLICK HERE.



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