Distinguished Young Woman of Oregon 2012

Alicia and I have known Bethany since she was born and now here she is in final’s of Distinguished Young Woman of Oregon 2012. It’s a scholarship program where the competition starts at the local level, then to the town, then cities, state and then the national competition. Bethany made it all the way to the state competition and all though she didn’t win we are all proud of her accomplishments to have made it this far. She did a great job this night playing a piano piece she wrote and doing a great job at all the other events.

Of course I brought my camera to try out some low light event shooting. We were seated about in the center of the auditorium at Chemeketa Community College in Salem. The lighting was really low so I bumped up the ISO really high – in 2000 to 3200 range and opened the aperture all the way – was shooting at f2.8 or on my 50mm at f1.4.  I tried to keep the shutter speed around 60 to 100 to reduce blur. With those setting and the light I got what one would expect – lots of grain and not much sharpness.

 The contestants arrive on stage and introduce themselves.

 Some of the competitors doing their routines.

 Bethany performing her routines during the final competition.

And the winner is …… #1

The after pageant glow when all the pressure is history.

A few family shots.

The very proud parents.

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