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Photography Projects

From time to time I get asked to work on specific projects like weddings, engagements, senior photos, family portraits, etc.  In this section I will place links to some of those projects.


Family Photo Albums

I have shot thousands of photos over the years and have placed them in various web based photo albums.  I now post the majority of my photos on my hosted web site and my more serious work on my FLICKR site.  Below are links to my photo albums.  

  • This is where I have been posting the majority of my family, friends, and vacation type photos —
    Click Here – Randy’s Photo Album

  • The FLICKR web site is another hosting site for uploading photos to. This site, I think, is better than WebShots in that it has theme groups and within those theme groups you can have discussion threads. Viewers can also post comments on the photos but you need an account to do so. FLICKR is part of YAHOO so you can use your YAHOO username and password to log into FLICKR. I post my more serious work on my FLICKR site —
    Click Here – Randy’s FLICKR Photo Site

  • I tried out an online service called WEBSHOTS for awhile but didn’t like all the advertising they had but still have some photo albums their —
    Click Here – WEBSHOTS Photo Albums

  • I have played around with photo stiching where you take a few photos right next to each other and then use software to “stich” them together.  Here is a link to some of the panoramic photo’s I have taken —
    Click Here – My Panorama Pictures

  • Last but not least are links to a few of my other albums I made using a software package called “ThumbsPlus” photo web page utility.  This turned out to be to much work to do so I went to my current photo album method —
    Click Here – Spring Break March 2002
    Click Here – High School Summer Camp July 2004

2 Responses to Photo Albums

  1. Michelle Ray says:

    Dear Randy,

    I was a high school classmate of Danny Selsor. I located/saw your wonderful video tribute after hearing at our 25th class reunion this past Saturday that he had passed. The sadness was shared by others that knew him as the word spread at the gathering of high school classmates. I was not a ‘good’ friend of Danny’s and didn’t keep in touch as the year passed, but please know there are others that share the shock and sadness of his passing with you. On behalf of his high school classmates, we were very sad to hear the news and please extend our awareness and condolences to his family and his beautiful wife. Thank you for paying your friend tribute as others that ‘lost touch’ have benefitted by knowing what he continued to become since we last saw him. Michelle

  2. Randy .. Your recent Sandcastle image came up in a Cannon Beach Google Alert. Great shot! Would you be willing to allow the Cannon Beach Chamber to use this image on in exchange for credit? Thanks. .. George

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