Sunday Drive to the Coast

Sunday was one of those days with no real plans, chores all caught up and we just wanted to get out of town – so, we headed to the Oregon coast. We wanted to see an area we haven’t seen before so we decided to head towards Tillamook, then over to Ocenside and follow the Three Capes senic drive to one of our fav coastal towns, Pacific City.

Our first stop was Cape Mears and the Cape Mears Lighthouse.

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Facial Hair Removal???

Last year I shot some of our neighbors and their friend’s prom photos before they headed out for the evening. This was a quick studio type session using my “new” seamless white background set up in my garage with a couple of speedlights and umbrellas. Nothing real fancy. You can see a web album of those shots by Clicking Here.

I post processed one of the photos and put it on my FLICKR site to share and for comments. One of the comments challenged me to remove the glare at the hair line on the right side of the face. I checked out some photoshop tuts and found many methods on how to do remove glare from a photo. So – I cleared up the glare and decided to post how I did it to a FLICKER group called “The Portland Post“, a group that is geared to sharing before and after techniques of editing photos.

Today, while googling my name (everyone does it, right?) I came across that “before” and “after” prom photo on a WEB Site for hair removal. I don’t really have a problem with them using one of my photos, I guess. It’s kind of fun to see my work being used and shared. After all, under the creative commons license they can use it as long as they don’t alter or change the photo and give me credit.

But really, a prom photo for a facial hair removal web page – really?

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“Scary” Snow Shoot at Mount Hood

I was invited to spend the weekend at a lodge at Government Camp at the foot of Mount Hood to do a snow shoot with a bunch of photographers that I have been shooting with over the last couple of years.  The theme for the weekend was “scary” with the Living Dead Girls as models.   We had about a dozen photog’s and a hand full of models lined up to spend the weekend doing various sets in the snow.   They also lined up a couple of make up artists that they have used for past shoots.

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Corporate Portrait

Last weekend my neighbor asked if I would take a picture of her, she just joined the chamber of commerce and needed a good shot for them to use.   I set up a portable background I got off of Amazon, set up my new Einstein 640 through a large softbox as a key light and a Speedlite as a hair light and got the shots below.



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NW Glamour Shoot – Mardi Gras Carnivale

I got hooked up with a Meet-Up group called NW Glamour Photography.  Its a group that requires membership so the members are serious about photography but are fun to shoot with none the less.  This was a Mardi Gras theme with a lot of MAU’s to help get the models set up.  I was really impressed with the organization of the shoot, they had 4 different stations set up and shoots going on at just about all of them. 


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