Panorama Pictures

Here are a collect of Panorama's that I have created using an application called "The Panorama Factory" by Smokey City Design.  Basically, I stood in one place and with my digital camera took a series of photo's while turning in one direction. I then used the software to "stitch" the photo's together. These are quite large pictures and can be viewed within your browser.  Once loaded you can scroll to view the panorama. 

Click on the picture to see the panorama view.

Marina Vallartia, which is just north of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Taken early in the morning.
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The view from our Condo at Marina Vallartia, Mexico looking at the coast resorts to the left, "Marina Club de Golf" golf course at the center, and the shopping complex to the right.
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Mt Shasta in Northren California. Picture taken at the Weed reststop off of I-5 southbound March 2002.
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Seattle, Washington - City skyline from a Ferry Boat.  Picture taken August 2002.
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